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Resume Development

Your resume is perhaps the most important career advancement tool; therefore, the content, structure, and mode of presentation of your resume must be perfect.  To have your resume created or revised, free of charge, please complete the Resume Worksheet.

A resume should contain enough information to encourage a perspective employer to call you in for an interview, but not so much information that the curiosity of the reader dissipates.

A quick glance at a resume frequently determines whether a particular candidate is worthy of further evaluation and an initial interview.  The key purpose of a resume is to secure an interview. 

Use the Resume Worksheet to easily and quickly provide the necessary information to have your resume personally and professional developed to create an impressive, high quality and professional resume.

After completing the Resume Worksheet, your resume will be created strategically, taking into consideration the best means to market your skills, experiences and competencies in preparation of applying for employment.

An effective resume focuses on the substantive nature of your employment and association experiences, detail the various types of work product produced, specify your skills, and describe the levels of responsibility that you have achieved.

Upon completion of your resume, you will receive a personal email with your resume, tips on how to improve your marketability, components of a resume, effective action verbs you should use when updating your resume and how to format a cover letter.

To begin, complete the Resume Worksheet.

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